Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're Almost There!

 I've been staying at the hospital with Bronson for a week now so I haven't had a chance to post any updates this week. Sorry!

It's been a week of ups and downs. Tuesday we were told by the neurologists that they did not think that Bronson was actually having seizures and that the "episodes" seemed to only occur when his magnesium was low. So, he was taken off the anti seizure meds. On Wednesday, less than 24 hours later, Bronson had 9 seizures in 25 mins and had to be put back on anti seizure meds. Needless to say, the dr's now believe that his "episodes" are actually seizures. We were then given 3-4 different possibilities of what the cause could be but we were also told that sometimes the cause is never found. 

Wednesday morning, before the seizures, we were told that Bronson could come home Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday. But, Thursday morning we were told that probably wouldn't be happening. I was SO disappointed! The new anti seizure med Bronson was put on can take a minimum of 2-3 days for the correct levels to be reached in his blood stream. So, the only thing really keeping him here in the hospital is waiting for this new medication to reach the expected levels. But, it sounds like this week is still a possibility for him to come home! 

As I sit here in the hospital room watching Bronson sleep peacefully and Kallie snoring in her stroller I feel blessed. Blessed to have such a wonderful little family and blessed to hopefully have Bronson home this week. We're in the homestretch now!


Lauren Farina said...

This seizure thing must be SO frustrating! He doesn't have cancer, he has a new liver, WHY does he have to be having seizures now?!?!

I they figure it out soon, and I hope you can get him home sooner than soon!

Anonymous said...

Although I do not know you're family, I have been following your story from the beginning. I am so delighted for little Bronson!!