Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dare I Start a Countdown?

Well, Bronson's had a great week so far. His liver is working the way it should and his new seizure med seems to be working. 

It was only two weeks ago that we really started trying to bottle feed him.  In the past we tried to get Bronson to drink from a bottle but his fast  breathing always got in the way so, he's used to getting his milk through his NG tube. Over the past week he's worked himself up to getting about half of each feed by bottle and then the remaining amount I run through his NG. He's slowly getting there!

I was told today by the doctors that Bronson should be able to come home next Tuesday or Wednesday! They're changing one of his meds this weekend (it can only be changed 30 days post transplant, which is Sunday) and then they need to monitor him for 2-3 days  to watch for side effects but, then he can come home!! 

Only 7 days to go!! :)

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Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I stumbled on your story through a friend and have been following your ups and downs. I too am at Sick Kids with my daughter right now. She is 16 and we are are not going through anything near what you guys are but we are still frustrated and I am finding it all consuming. She is old enough to tell us what hurts and how she is feeling and I still feel helpless. I can't imagine going through what you have but its obvious from your blog and Facebook page that you have so much support from so many people. You are so fortunate to have all that and each other. Whenever I go downstairs I find myself looking for "baby Bronson" at Starbucks! Stay strong and I'm sure we will someday read about that little man again down the road - but he will be doing great things to help other people..