Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Unofficial Plan

Well my sister had her final appointments today and was given the official "ok" from Toronto General to be the liver donor. The Liver transplant team at Toronto General told her to arrive this coming Friday (July 22/11) at 6am for the surgery!! Woohoo!! :)

However, we still haven't heard a word about the transplant from the team at Sick Kids. But, if toronto general is telling my sister to arrive Friday for the surgery I'm assuming it's a go ahead because they wouldn't take a piece of her liver without doing Bronson's surgery the same day. My guess is that Sick Kids don't tell the parents until 1-2 days beforehand just in case the donor decides to change his/her mind. I'm sure they don't want parents to think everything is a go ahead and then have to cancel it the day before. BUT, it's kind of frustrating getting the information through my sister (although she technically isn't supposed to be giving us the info!) and not from the actual transplant team at Sick Kids. I prefer to know everything that's going on with Bronson's care, even if it means having it cancelled last minute... I just want to know!

Sooo... I'm sure tomorrow or Thursday Sick Kids will tell us about the transplant ...finally.. and I'll pretend to be surprised!!

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