Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smiley Boy

Bronson has started smiling quite a bit lately! But, for some reason he only likes to smile at the nurses and the physiotherapist.. not me! BUT, this morning he had lots and lots of smiles for his mama! :) I tried getting some picture of him smiling today but every time I took out the camera he would start crying! I'm determined to capture a picture of a smile though and will keep on trying!

I'm trying to cherish every moment I get to hold this this week because when his transplant happens he'll be in the ICU for a couple of weeks and I know I won't be able to hold him until his breathing tube is taken out. So, I'm taking every chance I can to give him cuddles! :) 

Bronson had to have yet another abdominal tap done today and they drained another 700ml. There was still some fluid left over but if they were to drain it all then it could cause some major problems with his blood pressure and we don't need any extra problems. The taps are starting to be done more frequent which isn't a good thing. The ascites in his stomach will acculate more quickly after each tap is done and each time they tap him it puts him at a higher risk for infection. So, he really just needs a new liver!

We STILL haven't heard anything from Sick Kids in regards to his transplant happening this week. However, one of the nurses I was talking to yesterday told me I probably wouldn't hear about it until the day before..... thats tomorrow....... so I'd better hear about it!!! Earlier this week I was told that if it doesn't happen this week then for sure it wouldn't the week after because one of the surgeons they need isn't available... so... that would put it off until the first week of August! With the way his liver is right now and with the fast accumulation of fluid I don't know if he'll be able to wait that long. 

As soon as I hear something tomorrow about his transplant I'll post the information! 


Cindy said...

My appt to meet with the liver transplant team got moved from 10 to 12 tomorrow, so maybe they are coming to tell you in the morning before meeting with us! Just a thought. :)

Angela Anthony said...

Ohh I like your thinking!!! I hope you're right!