Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick update

Just a short update on Bronson for now...

Bronson has been having a lot of ascites (fluid in his abdomen) build up because of the liver failure. Sunday afternoon he had yet another abdominal tap done to help and relieve some of the pressure off of his lungs. Through ultrasound, before the tap, the dr could see 1.5liters of fluid in his abdomen. During the tap they could only remove 680ml because his blood pressure started dropping. But, at least removing what they were able to has helped his breathing improve for now. 

For the last week he's been having a low grade fever on and off but all of the blood cultures and swabs they've taken keep coming back negative. He hasn't had any fever since Sunday so please pray that there isn't any infection and he remains stable. 

I'll try and post an update later with more details of what the plan is this week. 


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i just love your new look and was so thrilled to stop in here to see pictures of this sweet boy i have been praying for!

Praying that the Lord keep His mighty Hand on little Bronson during the surgery and on your sister as well.

Angela Anthony said...

Thank you! :)