Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post-op Day #6

Bronson is doing great! He had his breathing tube taken out today and is now breathing with a CPAP mask on. The next step is to say goodbye to the CPAP and on to nasal prongs. Once he's off the CPAP for about 24 hours, and is stable, he'll be able to be moved out of the ICU and back to his old floor. 

His morphine was completely turned off this morning and he is starting to be more awake and look around. I still can't get over how white his eyeballs are! I love looking into those clear blue eyes of his. I haven't been able to hold him since his surgery but now that his breathing tube is out maybe I'll be able to tomorrow. Although with his incision I might have to wait a little longer... but I'm not 100% sure of that. 

Bronson's surgeon came by this morning and was very happy with everything! Almost all of his liver blood work is normal now! His abdomen is still VERY big but some of it is fluid and swelling and the other part is his liver. Apparently, his new liver is huge and takes up a lot of space making his abdomen look even bigger. I learned from the surgeon today that his new liver will actually shrink to fit him and then grow as he grows! The liver is such an amazing organ! 

Sarah Beth is doing great and was discharged from the hospital last night. She's still in some pain and uncomfortable but I'm sure she's just glad to be in her own bed! 

Tomorrow marks one week since Bronson's liver transplant and it's gone by so fast! Hopefully only 2-3 more weeks and he'll be home with us! :)

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