Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post-op Day #4

I'm absolutely exhausted so just a quick little update tonight..

Bronson had a pretty good day. This afternoon they tried turning the ventilator settings off and changed it to CPAP and as far as I know he did ok with that. He's still intubated but if he does ok on the CPAP settings they might be able to take the breathing tube out tomorrow and put a regular CPAP mask on him or maybe go right to nasal prongs... we'll see how it goes tonight!

His incision looks nice and dry and no problems with it so far. His belly is still quite large with swelling and some ascites (fluid in his abdomen). The Dr. told me that some kids have some ascites for up to 3 months after transplant so I shouldn't worry about his right now. His drains are still draining well and his output has picked up quite a bit. They decreased his morphine infusion this afternoon so he should start to be a little more awake!

I saw Bronson's eyes open for the first time since surgery today and THEY WEREN'T YELLOW! His eyeballs are WHITE WHITE WHITE! I couldn't believe it! I think it's probably been 8 weeks since I last saw him with white eye balls! I was SO excited about that! :)

Sarah Beth came from Toronto General over to Sick Kids today to see Bronson for the first time since surgery. I got some pictures of her standing beside him. I know I  haven't posted any pics of him since he was about 6 weeks old... I'll really try and put some pictures up this week but my priorities are elsewhere for obvious reasons!

I'll try and write a better post tomorrow but I'm wiped and just want to lay down!

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