Monday, July 25, 2011

Post-Op Day #3 Update

Today marks week #11 that Bronson has been at Sick Kids. Now that he's received his liver transplant we're hoping that he'll be able to come home with us in about a month! I can't believe so much time has gone by already!

I'll start my update by first saying that the surgeons and other dr's are quite happy with how Bronson's new liver looks! His liver function blood work is getting better everyday and his bilirubin levels, which were in the 300's, are now down to 4 (they're supposed to be zero)! I can't get over how great his color is! He's been yellow for so long it's so great to see him look the color a normal baby should! 

Last night I received a call around 8pm from his surgeon telling me that he needed to go back into the OR because he had a lot of fluid building in his abdomen and nothing was coming out of his drain. He was given general anesthetic again, his incision reopened, 300ml of fluid drained and 2 new drains put in. His old drain had a clot in it so that's why it wasn't draining. His fluid output is still not as high as what they'd like it to be but at least it's better than yesterdays! 

Bronson is still in the ICU and will be until he's able to breathe without the ventilator and breathing tubes. I'm expecting him to be in here 1-2 more weeks. His breathing issues have been directly related to the pressure in his abdomen pushing up on his lungs so hopefully with new drains that are working his breathing will start improving. 

It's great hearing all the Dr's say how great the liver looks and how well he seems to be doing. I haven't seen him awake yet because they're keeping him sedated enough to keep comfortable and also so that he doesn't pull out his breathing tubes again! 

Yesterday I asked Bronson's surgeon how his old liver looked once it was out and she said it was mostly dead tissue. There was also very little evidence of any tumors left on his liver (because of the liver being mostly dead) so she was able to take a piece of his adrenal gland for biopsy. We have never been able to get a classification of his neuroblastoma so with this sample they should be able to. If the sample is a particular classification of neuroblastoma then he will most likely require more chemotherapy. But, I believe the chance of that is quite small. One week ago his cancer markers were still great and just a little above the normal range. So, his cancer is still "under control" as per his oncologist, or "gone" as per one of the liver Dr's... Which is great!!

Sarah Beth is having a much better day today. She's still in pain but not as intense as what it was. She got up and walked once around the unit yesterday and has been up twice today walking. From what I've heard she will be in the hospital until later on this week (thursday friday-ish?) and then be able to go home. 

So far this week is off to a good start!!


Lauren Farina said...

Great news!! Hopefully the news just keeps getting better and better!

Catherine said...

Have just read all of your husband's blog and a few of your posts. Praying for your sweet boy, his awesome aunt and your entire family.


Angela Anthony said...

Thank you!