Friday, July 1, 2011

Organ Donation

Jon and I haven't been able to go up to see Bronson for two days now because we've both been sick but, Bronson is getting a lot of attention from the nurses on his floor... I guess he's already a lady's man! Bronson's abdomen has been measuring a little bit bigger everyday because of the fluid build up... which is due to the liver problems. Today his breathing became quite laboured and he had to have a chest xray to make sure everything was ok. His oxygen was turned up a little bit and the nurse told me he's been doing alright since then.

Even though he's been placed on the waiting list for a liver I'm still believing that there's time for his liver to start improving. I know it might seem impossible for that to happen but once again, with God nothing is impossible. This Canada Day long weekend doesn't really help for getting the process for a live donor started but at least Bronson is still in a stable condition right now. Once we find a live donor we were told that things could move along pretty quickly. Throughout the process of finding a live donor Bronson's name will stay on the waiting list with the Trillium Gift of Lift Network (they handle all of the organ waiting lists in ontario) until his transplant is officially completed. That way if a liver were to become available through the organization he would receive that one instead of the live donor's.

We learned this week that Canada has some of the lowest statistics of organ donations. I became an organ donor two years ago and I think that everyone should really think about becoming one... Because of the long wait times for transplants, we were told that most people try and find a live donor so that the process is a lot faster. It's sad to think that a lot of people who, either don't qualify or who can't find a live donor end up dying waiting on the list for a transplant.

Being in the situation we are right now organ donation is all of a sudden very important to me. In Ontario it is very easy to become an organ donor and you can go to to find out more information on how to register... all you need is an Ontario Health Care Number. By becoming a donor now you could, one day, potentially save up to eight lives... that's a lot of lives!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for and with you.

Signed my donor card a long time ago, and my family knows, but have now registered on-line. Hadn't known to do that, so thanks.

Hope there's a huge response to this, for the sake of so many people!