Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making Progress!

This morning when I called the hospital at 9am to check up to see how Bronson was doing the nurse said they had taken him off of the CPAP mask and he had been breathing on his own WITHOUT ANY O2 for an hour already! In 11 weeks this is only the second time he's EVER been without any breathing assistance or O2! The first time was over a month ago and he went for 5 hours without needing any O2. But, then his abdomen started getting larger due to the ascites from the liver failure and he has needed a lot of support ever since. So, you can imagine how excited Jon and I were to hear that he had already gone 1 hour without any assistance!

The main reason Bronson has needed breathing support and oxygen is because his abdomen has been HUGE. In the last four days it has gone down by 6cm... that's a huge decrease considering his size! It amazes me how fast things have started to improve in a short 8 days since his liver transplant!

Bronson hasn't had any low grade fevers since Friday, thankfully! The only thing that is a little worrisome at the moment is that yesterday when I was there he had a seizure... and apparently they thought they saw some seizure activity the day before but it was so short they weren't 100% sure... but after yesterday's episode I'm sure it was a seizure. They thought it could be caused by either his electrolytes being out of balance or his medications. When I googled one of his anti-rejection meds I found that there is a small chance of seizures being a side effect and I know that they have been adjusting the levels of this medication in order to get the correct dosage. So, I'm sure once they have it figured out he shouldn't have any more seizures.. and on the bright side, he hasn't had any since the one I saw yesterday morning.

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