Friday, July 29, 2011

Infections - Stay Away!

I forgot to mention in previous posts that although Bronson is improving he had a low grade fever two days ago and then twice again today. They took blood cultures and swabs the other day and from what I've been told have been negative. They retook them all again today so we're hoping everything comes back ok. The medications that he's now on make him very immunosuppressed and very prone to infections so he was started on antibiotics proactively. A temperature can also be a sign of organ rejection but, we're praying that's not the case because from what we're told his liver is doing so well.

Since Bronson's breathing tube and catheter were both removed yesterday that at least eliminates two easy areas for any infections to start. 

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this update Angela.. Will sure pray that little Bronson has no complications .. Hope you get some rest this evening .. Hugs