Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much Fluid?!

I'm starting to get very excited about Bronson's transplant but also very nervous. I'm excited because the transplant is a new start for Bronson... his poor beat up liver that has been through so much is finally getting the boot and he's getting a new nice fresh liver! I'm nervous because of all the obvious complications that come along with any major surgery but, also because every time we think we've got through the worst of it, something else comes along and complicates things. It's gone from small breathing problems and a distended stomach to stage 4 cancer, to chemotherapy, to radiation, to kidney problems, to being septic, to being in isolation, to a partially collapsed lung, and now to a liver transplant. But, so far every one of these things listed I just listed have either cleared up completely, are currently under control (the cancer), or are related to the liver failure... so, in my opinion, there's no reason why the liver transplant can't be added on to the completed and under control list! I think that's a long enough list and we REALLY don't need anything added on to it. 

Bronson really needs this liver transplant sooner than later. Yesterday afternoon Bronson's abdominal girth went up to 46cm from the ascites (fluid in his abdomen) and his respirations went up to 90-110/min (caused by the pressure of the fluid pushing up on his lungs)... both are very high measurements. So he ended up having an abdominal tap last night and they drained a total of.....wait for it.... 700ml!! That's 2.9 cups of fluid! For a baby who only weighs approx. 9lbs thats a LOT of weight to be sitting on top of his stomach! Poor little guy! When I called to see how the tap went I didn't think I had heard the nurse properly when she said 700ml! 

Jon and I haven't received any information about the transplant from Sick Kids yet but my sister has! I think they must contact the donor first and give them the info just in case they start to change their mind... I guess there's no sense in telling the parents that the transplant is a go and then have the donor change their mind and have to tell the parents "sorry, it's cancelled!". So my sister, Sarah Beth (SB for short) was told that the Live Donor Coordinator contacted Sick Kids with a date of Aug. 3 for surgery but they said they needed the transplant sooner than that. So as of right now, according to what I've been told by my sister, the surgery is booked for next Friday July 22, 2011. I'm assuming Sick Kids will tell Jon and I more info and the date once SB meets with the surgeon  and gives her 100% consent. Sooooo  possibly in 9 short days Bronson could be having his transplant done! 

When the day for transplant does come this is how we've been told the day would happen:
6am - SB goes in to the hospital and they start prepping her etc.
8-9am ish - Her surgery would begin
11-12pm - SB's surgery should finish up
11-12pm - Bronson's surgery should begin

We've been told that Bronson's surgery can last anywhere from either 6-12 hours or 8-15 hours.... thats going to be a LOOONNG day of waiting nervously to hear how both SB and Bronson's surgery go. After SB's surgery she'll be in the hospital for approximately 7 days after and then have a recovery time of about 4 weeks. Bronson will be in the ICU until he a) has his breathing tube removed, and, b) is stable enough to be moved out of the ICU and up to a floor. We were told he could come home some where around 4 weeks after the surgery as long as there are no complications. 

Until Bronson receives the transplant I'm praying that he continues to remain stable and stay infection free. If he were to get an infection they would put the transplant on hold until he's healthy again... so, infections, stay away!!!!  

After 9 weeks of Bronson being at Sick Kids and with no time line what so ever, it's nice to have some sort of an idea of when he'll be able to come home... even though it might be another 4-6 weeks it's still some kind of time frame... and then a new chapter of living with a transplant will begin...


Anonymous said...

Still praying! Thanks for the update. ~ MelissaH

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family and I hope that everything works out wonderfully for you!