Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy One week, Liver!

Bronson's liver is one week old today and, I'm sure, every year we're going to be celebrating his liver's birthday on July 22!

Bronson is still needing the extra CPAP support to breathe and is occasionally still requiring some blood transfusions but, things are slowly going in the right direction! He's still only awake for short periods at a time (maybe 20 mins each time?) but he is also still receiving some sedation so that he doesn't try and pull his tubes out! But, considering in the past he has self extubated himself twice, pulled his catheter out with his toes once, and many many times pulled out his NG tube it makes sense to keep him a little sedated until the tubes are all out!

The day before Bronson's liver transplant, July 21, was our 4th Wedding Anniversary! It's been a wonderful 4 years and our little family that began with the two of us is now a family of four... although, if you count our dogs it's actually a family of six! God has blessed us in so many different ways and even though we've been through some tough times I wouldn't change a single thing! Now we just need our little boy home!

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