Sunday, July 3, 2011

Abdominal Tap

Here's a quick update on Bronson for now...

Over the past week Bronson's abdomen has been getting bigger because of the fluid accumulation from his liver not working properly. The increase in fluid was pushing up on his lungs causing mild breathing problems. Yesterday morning (saturday) he was really working to breathe and the dr's decided to do an abdominal tap to remove some of the fluid (he had this procedure done about 3 weeks ago as well). There was some worry about doing the tap because #1 it could introduce an infection and, #2 his blood clotting times weren't very good and could cause problems with bleeding. But last night, after receiving blood products to help his blood clotting, at 7:30pm he went down to have the procedure done. He had no problems with bleeding and they removed 250ml of fluid from his abdomen. The Dr. said there is still about 50ml left but if they removed it all Bronson could have had blood pressure problems because of the sudden total loss of fluid. Until he receives a new liver the fluid will, most likely, keep accumulating but they can do another tap if it's causing more problems. I talked to the nurse this morning and he's much more comfortable and his breathing is much better! So that's good for now! 

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