Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A very mellow yellow baby

Bronson is 6 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Now that he's getting older I've noticed that he's more alert and awake throughout the day when I'm there. I love being able to watch him look around and check out his surroundings. He's starting to make the funniest expressions... even if it is gas, I think it's cute!

Today, I had him up in his bouncy chair for a little while. I turned on the vibrating seat for the first time and his eyes almost popped out of his head... he was NOT expecting that! But, he did end up liking it! I held him for just over two hours and he was so content in my arms. Besides his bronze coloured skin and his florescent yellow eyes, due to his high bilirubin levels, he is looking really good! I keep joking with the nurses that if they turned out the lights his eyes would glow... poor Bronson! The doctor told me today that even though his bilirubin levels are high and are causing him to be yellow they won't cause any long term damage/concerns. Bronson's liver function tests remain very high but, once again, they haven't gone up or down. He's still holding his own.

I got some clarification today as to why Bronson was switched from the normal GI team over to the GI transplant team. As of right now there are no plans for a liver transplant but, because it's the transplant team who would make the final decision for it to happen it's better for them to be following Bronson's case opposed to the normal GI team who, if a transplant was needed, would have to transfer him over to the transplant team anyways. Bronson had all of his transplant blood work done a week or two ago just to ensure that everything is in place in case they need it... But I'm still praying that his liver will start working and we won't have to worry about a transplant.

Today we were told that Bronson's status is no longer acute and he no longer needs to be in the NICU! He was supposed to be transferred up to a new floor tonight but, because he is still on some sedatives they felt more comfortable waiting for him to be totally off of them. So, as long as nothing else happens or changes, early next week he should be out of the NICU! Hearing that was the best news of the day... I love the staff in the NICU but I'm ready for Bronson to move on and eventually come home! :)


Lauren Farina said...

Great news! Come on, Liver! Get working so Bronson can go home!!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to check in with Bronson and see the wonderful news! Give him snuggles from all of us who have never met him but love him still. Still praying ~ MelissaH

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. PTL.