Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short update..

Just a quick little post tonight...

When we got to the hospital this morning we were told that Bronson was being moved out of isolation and into a bigger room in the NICU with other babies! So that means Bronson's immune system is getting better or else he wouldn't have been moved out of isolation! His WBC count is now in the "normal" range.. on the low range of normal but thats ok!

This afternoon they were going to try and take the CPAP mask off and change him over to just oxygen through nasal prongs. That is a HUGE improvement from last week! So hopefully he will do ok with it, if not he'll just be changed back to CPAP for a little while more.

His liver function is still very low and he is still having problems with his blood clotting times taking much longer than normal, as well as his conjugated bilirubin level being too high. So please continue to pray that his liver function starts picking up and that his liver, lymph nodes and adrenal glands will continue to shrink and become cancer free.

Other than being a very yellow baby from the jaundice, he is looking much better! :)

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