Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One victory at a time

The past few days have been filled with some small steps in the right direction and some big steps in the right direction. As I wrote in a post earlier, I really don't care how big or little each step is just as long as it's going in the right direction. Jon and I get excited and celebrate every little victory we can!

Today we got some excellent news along with a few new concerns. First of all the exciting news...Bronson had a CT scan done and this afternoon we found out that his liver and adrenal glands have shrunk significantly! Hooray! Up until now the oncologist has been pretty certain that a second round of chemotherapy would be needed, but, we were told today that now they're not 100% sure if it will be needed! It's still up for discussion and debate among the doctors so we will see what happens! I'm certainly praying that it won't be needed!

This morning we were told that Bronson has had some problems with his blood clotting and conjugated bilirubin levels that have continued to go up. We were initially told that these two problems should improve as his liver shrunk because they are controlled/filtered by the liver. The doctors seem to be very concerned about both of these problems because, although the liver has shrunk, it's still not functioning as it should. So the doctors are wondering if there is another underlying problem causing this. We are praying this isn't the case. That's all we need is ANOTHER problem to face.

In the past week we have seen so many improvements. Bronson's breathing has made considerable progress, his kidney's are functioning much better, he's peeing tons, his WBC count has gone up, his infection is starting to improve, his blood pressure has got better and today we heard that both his liver and adrenal glands have shrunk. I won't lie, I got frustrated and a little discouraged hearing that now we have another problem with his liver function. But I had to remind myself just how many prayers have been answered this week. Things may still be critical for Bronson but we have seen him fight and win some battles. I have to remember that we are still in God's hands and fixing a liver is just a minor repair for him.

So please pray that Bronson's liver function will all of a sudden return to normal and that it will be just another thing that we can add to our list of victories!


Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray for that! But man, what a wonderful list of things that are going right! So many answers to prayers!!!

Lauren Farina

Anonymous said...

Right from the beginning I "adopted" Bronson as my own and prayed for like he was my own, believing and trusting that the God who rules heaven and earth is going to heal him. How wonderful to hear about these victories!! I will defiinitley continue to pray for Bronson complete healing.