Friday, June 10, 2011

One Day @ a Time

I left the house 12.5 hours ago and just walked in the door and am exhausted! Just a quick update tonight for those wondering how Bronson's day was...

First of all, some good news! Bronson's markers that show the cancer levels have improved! They were in the 200's when he was first diagnosed and now they are in the 20's - with somewhere in the low 20's being "normal"! He still has the tumors but they can continue to shrink over time.

I mentioned in my post last night that Bronson had a partially collapsed lung and was having difficulty breathing and had to be put back on CPAP. This morning he had an x-ray done and it showed that his lung had re-inflated and there was no more collapse. However, he has continued to have breathing problems throughout the day and has been requiring a more oxygen. His abdomen is measuring a little bit bigger again and an ultrasound showed a "moderate" amount of fluid has accumulated again. The doctors aren't sure what is causing both of these problems but they are a MAJOR concern. It was thought that with the fluid drained yesterday the breathing would get better but, it's still getting worse. They are beginning to think that the breathing issues are a separate issue and not connected to everything else that is going on. I'm really praying that's not the case! There is still the chance that if his breathing continues to worsen over night he will be getting another breathing tube. There isn't any evidence of an infection yet but that still could be a possibility... and certainly don't need any more infections.

With all of the problems right now a liver biopsy would give the doctors an idea of how to continue treating him however, Bronson is not stable enough to have that procedure done. Let alone, be able to deal with all of the risks associated with it.

Bronson has been quite uncomfortable yesterday and today and has had to have his morphine and sedatives upped in dosage. I hate seeing him look so uncomfortable.

I know that we have excellent doctors, nurses and other staff at Sick Kids looking after us but please pray that they find out what is wrong with Bronson! I know that God is bigger and he can overcome all of these problems - so I continue to give it to Him!


Mary said...

I am praying for your little man! Thank you for updating us on how he is doing. He has touched all of our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Ang; Little Bronson has touched our hearts indeed !! I'm so thankful that you are updating us as well. Will certainly continue to pray for him and also that you & Jon get a refreshing sleep tonight.. and that you can sense God's comfort and strength.. God Bless

Lauren Farina said...

Praise God for the improvements in his cancer levels!!! I will keep praying for his other issues to improve. Poor little guy.

Jim said...

Jon and Angela we are still praying for you all at this time and I want you to know that we will continue to do so, Evangel Temple folks will be standing with you and believing for a miracle!