Friday, June 17, 2011

The Liver is a stubborn organ

Jon and I took the day to relax (much needed!) and didn't go up to the hospital today but here's a brief update....

Bronson is doing really well in terms of his breathing (he's currently on the least of O2 since being born), feeding and kidney function. As of right now the main concern is still the liver. 

Last week Bronson's liver function blood work had plateaued and some of them had even started to get better. However, this week his liver blood work numbers have constantly been going up  and getting worse. As of yesterday the GI team said they were still optimistic that his liver would start improving... So that was good to hear... But that was yesterday and his numbers shot up a lot today. We still don't have any clear cut answers from the GI team as to why the liver isn't improving. I wish they could give us an exact number or cut off as to when they would seriously consider a different treatment or a transplant. But, they make their decisions on an individualized basis and right now they're saying wait. We really don't want things to go in the direction of a liver transplant though because an oncologist told us that on one case he had that was similar to Bronson's a transplant was needed and the baby didn't make it. So, we'd really like this liver to start working!

The pictures that I've taken of Bronson really show how much progress he's made... I posted some on my fb last night but for those who aren't on my fb, or don't have fb at all, I will try and remember to post some on here later on tonight. 

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