Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's bottle time!

Initially when we were told that Bronson was being airlifted to Sick Kids I was worried about having to drive up there for possibly only 3 days. Here we are 4 weeks later and driving/commuting to Sick Kids has become a normal part of our routine. I would love for the commuting to stop and for Bronson to come home but considering all of the IV meds and care he still requires it might be quite a while before that happens. 

I spent yesterday at home with our daughter while my husband went up to see Bronson by himself. I missed seeing him but our daughter needs one on one time as well. Yesterday afternoon Jon told me that the Dr. wanted to try pushing Bronson a little more and wanted to see how Bronson would do drinking from a bottle! Up until last week he had only been receiving IV nutrients. Last week he was started on a very small amount of milk through his NG tube (along with his IV nutrients still) and has been tolerating it very well. Bronson was supposed to start with a bottle yesterday but there was a hold up with the staff but, in my opinion,  it worked out great because that means I can be the one to give him his first bottle today! 

Last week it was mentioned to us that if Bronson's liver didn't start picking up function he may need a liver transplant. Jon was talking with the doctors yesterday and at this point it's not something they're planning on because his liver is very very slowly picking up function. But, to make sure all the bases are covered they took blood work yesterday to get everything in order just in case a liver transplant is still needed. I'm believing it won't come to a transplant and his liver will pick up all of a sudden. Bronson has surprised us so many times already with improvements and so I'm hoping this will be the same case. 

As frustrating and as hard as it can be having a baby in the NICU fighting cancer I'm glad that we live close enough to be able to commute and see him everyday. I've heard of some families who are from other provinces or even other countries and I couldn't imagine how hard that would be so far away from people who support you such as family and friends. Although it takes me an average of 2 hours on transit to get to the hospital at least I can be there to hold him and see him accomplish milestones such as drinking his first bottle today! 

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Anonymous said...

Praying for Bronson's little liver - and so excited about the bottle! Thanks for sharing such great news. ~ MelissaH