Monday, June 13, 2011

Five weeks later...

As I sit here and look at my little boy sleeping in my arms I can't help but think of how lucky we are to have him. Five weeks ago today we started this journey and had no idea what was in store for us. I'm sure that there have been many times we would have lost him if it wasn't for the quick decisions that had to be made by his doctors. I also know that God has brought us this far and will continue to bring us through this situation. 

Bronson looks so peaceful laying in my arms asleep. I haven't been able to hold him for a couple days and it's good to have him in my arms again. I often wonder what is going through his mind and if he gets scared or anxious whenever he sees a doctor or nurse coming towards him.  Sometimes when he looks at me it's as if his eyes are saying, "Help me, I want to go home". After going through everything that he has I hope he doesn't grow up being afraid of doctors or nurses because they really are wonderful here. 

I just had a doctor from GI come by and she told me that although he has low liver function it's not failing. Even though his liver function blood work is up somedays and down others he's been more or less holding his own, which is a good thing I was told. It shows that his liver isn't getting any worse than what it is... Now it just needs to get better! 

Bronson is having an alright day. He hasn't become any worse or better since the last update I posted yesterday. He's just enjoying a good cuddle from his mama today! :)

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Anonymous said...

Don't always comment, but do always check your blog to see how Bronson's doing. Praying for you all.