Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five steps backwards

After a few days of improvements and steps in the right direction I feel like today we made 5 steps backwards. When I called first thing this morning to check up on Bronson he was a little uncomfortable but that was it. Two hours later when we arrived at the hospital Bronson had very labored breathing and his stomach was very firm and measuring larger in size.

This evening a few of the doctors met and it was decided to have a drain put in and out if his stomach to get rid of all the excess fluid. This procedure is planned for tomorrow morning at 9am.

Bronson's breathing problems are directly related to the pressure from the fluid in his stomach and the fluid build up is caused by the low liver function. Draining the fluid is only a temporary fix for now until they figure out the cause. The team is not sure whether the liver problems are caused from a new infection, the radiation, tissue damage or from the tumor that is still there.

It's so frustrating seeing Bronson make progress and then have days like today where everything changes so quickly. I hate seeing him breathe so hard and look so uncomfortable. No mother likes to see her child in pain and not be able to do anything about it. I am praying that overnight he doesn't get worse and will not have to be intubated or have any other complications. I pray that tomorrow is a better day than today.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you Angela.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus, please touch baby Bronson's body, let today be a day of healing. And give him kisses from us. ~MelissaH

Anonymous said...

I just realized that today is June 9th. Happy 1 month Bronson! It's hard to explain how we love you, a baby we have never met - but we do! We are praying that today is a great day for you, and that our prayers of concerns will soon be prayers of rejoicing. ~ MelissaH (and family)