Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Update

Just thought I'd post a quick update!

Overnight Bronson was weaned off of his ventilator and is now on CPAP! He's still intubated but he's no longer relying on a machine to do all the breathing for him. He's breathing only with the CPAP and a little oxygen! That's a big change from a week ago when he was on a much much higher level of ventilation with an oscillator!

The fact that his output is still really good, and, now his improvement with the breathing I think it must be a sign that his liver is shrinking! The main reason he had breathing and output issues was because the liver was so big and was putting so much pressure upwards on the lungs and downwards on the kidneys and ureters. Nobody has told us that his liver has shrunk but from the last few days of small improvements here and there the liver must be shrinking!

He's supposed to be scheduled for a CT scan sometime this week so we're waiting to hear when it is and then we will know for sure whether or not the liver has shrunk.

Now off to the hospital I go!

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