Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look Ma, No Vent!

This morning at 7am when I called to check up on Bronson I was excited to hear that they had been able to wean him off of the ventilator and, although he was still intubated, had him on CPAP settings on the ventilator. Basically, he was breathing by himself and not relying on the machines to take all the breaths for him anymore and he was just receiving a little bit of pressure and oxygen from the CPAP. Which is MUCH better than where is breathing was at just a week ago today. 

After sitting in two hours of traffic I finally arrived at the hospital at 11am...just in time for the health team rounds. As soon as I walked in Bronson's room I was told that Bronson had decided to take matters into his own hands. This morning after I had called and spoke with the nurse Bronson decided that he no longer wanted any tubes. The nurse heard a little cough and then a little cry and found that Bronson's breathing tube was half way out! I'm sure there was a little bit of panic at first but after some debate it was decided to leave the breathing tube out and see how he did with just a CPAP mask on. WOOHOO no more breathing tubes! I was so excited that his breathing had improved and I was hoping I would be able to hold him! In the past 22 days I have only been able to hold him once and today I finally got to hold him again! 

The nurse wanted to wait until the afternoon to let me hold him just to make sure Bronson was tolerating the change over to the CPAP... it was such a s...l...o...w morning but finally I got to hold my little boy! :) I'm really hoping that holding Bronson will be able to become a part of a regular routine for us!

The past couple of weeks have seemed to have dragged on and on while we waited for any good news in Bronson's health. I'm glad that this week we have finally begun to see some improvements! I really believe that his liver has shrunk significantly because of all the good results we're starting to see. Hopefully tomorrow he'll have a CT scan (depends on if they can fit him in or not) and we'll be able to see the difference in size. 

It seems to me that we have a very stubborn little boy who knows when it's time for his catheter and breathing tubes to come out! He's our little fighter! :)


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, Angela! I am so happy that Bronson is doing better and that you were able to hold him again!! It must have been amazing. And what a little stinker he is, pulling his tube out! I continue to pray for him many times everyday!!!!

Lauren Farina

Anonymous said...

GOD is at Work!!!!Hallelujah!!

Rhonda V. said...

What amazing wonderful news! I am praying for him and the power of prayer is mighty!

Blessings to your entire family!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Before you know it Bronson will be "telling" the Doctors that he is ready to go home! ~MelissaH